SPACESTORM Close Out Meeting

Madingley Hall, Cambridge, UK

Thursday 23rd March 2017

SPACESTORM Close-out and final review meeting - group photo

The purpose of this meeting was to disseminate results to stakeholders from the satellite operations, construction, and space industries together with forecasters and representatives from Government. The event consisted of high level talks followed by a discussion session so that impact, future needs and new initiatives could be identified and discussed.


List of Attendees

Highlights of the SPACESTORM project (Richard Horne, BAS)

1 in 100 Year Events (Nigel Meredith, BAS)

High Energy Electrons (Sarah Glauert, BAS)

Internal Charging (Alex Hands, SSC)

Low Energy Electrons (Natalia Ganushkina, FMI)

Surface Charging (Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez, ONERA)

Radiation Experiments and New Materials (Thierry Paulmier, ONERA)

Mitigation Guidelines (Keith Ryden, SSC)

Risk Indicators Website (Daniel Heynderickx, DH Consultancy)